Production of printed circuit board


ZPP AD is located in the town of Blagoevgrad- the main administrative center in Southwestern Bulgaria. It is situated on 1 800 sq. m. area. Production area is 4 550 sq. m., storage area 1 780 sq. m., office and administration - 350 sq. m. The plant possess own electric- and purify station.



ZPP AD was established in 1982 year from the socialism government to satisfy the needs of the military industry. Since the year of 2000 the plant is private.

We produce single- and double sided printed circuit boards. It is with our capabilities to execute precious metal plating of edge connectors. The board finishing we can make is copper, tin/lead, gold, silver and palladium. We make an electric-chemical stratification of nickel/gold on the board surface and edge connectors. As printed circuit boards are assembled using automatic equipment the normal infrared fussed tin/lead finish has had to be replaced by depositing solder mask on copper and sequential hot air leveling. Based on the needs of our clients we can change hot air leveling with chemical precipitation over the board surface and edge connectors. It gives a many priorities concerning SMD assemble of the PCB`s.

- Epoxy-glass and Phenol paper laminates SYNTHESIA (CZECK REPUBLIC); ISOLA (GERMANY)




- Materials for screen SAATI (ITALY)   

Here work experienced experts, we have on our disposal equipment and areas for assembling of your printed circuit boards. We can also mount elements on your PCB until the product is ready.

ZPP AD obtained the international certificate of quality ISO 9001:2000, issued by SGS UK Ltd under number HU03/0072 and we are the only PCB manufacturer in Bulgaria, which possess such certificate.

The factory was certified with American product quality, reliability and safety UL 796 and UL 94. Our sertificate number on the Underwriter`s Laboratory is E232524.



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